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Newsfront - March 20, 2009

Teachers waive appreciation week for parcel tax help

by Geoff Gillette

For years now the tradition at Greenbrook Elementary School has been that during March parents would collect donations, cook food and put together gift baskets during Teacher Appreciation Week.

This year though, teachers are asking for a little something different from the parents as a show of appreciation. Instead of luncheons and gift baskets, they are requesting that parents show how important teachers are by helping preserve quality education in the San Ramon Valley School Unified District.

Rather than take part in the usual activities, Greenbrook has asked parents to donate their money and time to helping the campaign for Measure C, the parcel tax ballot measure being sought by the district.

Fourth-grade teacher Christy Glaser, one of two Greenbrook teacher representatives for the California Teachers Association, said that putting the extra effort toward passing the parcel tax is extremely important.

"Keeping teachers in their jobs and providing a good education to our students is more important than us getting some treats," she said.

Pink slips have gone out to a number of educators. Science, music and art will be heavily affected by the cuts that will occur if Measure C does not pass and the current $90/year parcel tax expires this summer. District officials have warned that without the additional funding, class sizes will grow substantially and counselors, librarians and support staff will be lost.

The vote on Measure C will be held through mail-in balloting with votes counted May 5.