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Community Pulse - March 20, 2009

Wrong plates lead to drug arrest

Drug charges have been filed against a Danville man after he was found by police to have a variety of drugs and paraphernalia on his person.

Danville Police Lt. Mark Williams said Officer Paul Murphy was on patrol at 5:45 p.m. March 11 when he spotted a black Nissan sedan in the 1100 block of Delta Way.

"A lot of times officers will become familiar with the vehicles on their respective beats. This one was not familiar," Williams stated.

Murphy ran the plates on the car, which came back as listed to a Honda. Murphy called the phone number of the owner, who informed him he was in the garage of a home near where the car was parked. The owner, identified as Evan Ruble, 27, came out to speak to Murphy.

Ruble stated that he had recently purchased the sedan and had paperwork, but Murphy noted that the paperwork did not explain why the incorrect plates were on the car. A check on Ruble showed the man was on probation for a previous drug offense and that a stipulation of his probation allowed police to search his car or home without a warrant.

Murphy searched the sedan and came up with a black bag containing several small gray tubes, referred to as "crackers." Williams said people use crackers to get high by punching a hole in them and "huffing" the nitrous oxide.

Ruble admitted the items were his, and Murphy conducted a further search of the garage, where he found methamphetamines and the prescription drug Xanax.

Ruble was taken into custody and charged with felony counts of possession of controlled substances and possession of dangerous drugs. He was transported to the Martinez Detention Center.

--Geoff Gillette


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