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Perspective - March 27, 2009

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I am absolutely sick over this. To think of four fine men who are trying to keep our communities safe being cut down is horrible. I hurt for the City of Oakland and all the good people there. But especially for the families of these officers. Something must be done about the amount of guns, the types of guns that citizens are allowed to have. It is a State and National tragedy.

--Posted by Judith, a resident of the Alamo neighborhood

I attended the inspiring celebration for our hometown hero, Sully. I hope Danville puts on a similar celebration for our fallen officer Romans from Danville and I hope the satellite trucks lineup in front of the library for that event as well. A very sad loss for his wife and children.

--Posted by Joanie, a resident of the Danville neighborhood

We are so saddened by the loss of more dedicated men, in the police forces of our communities. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families. Such tragedies; shouldn't be happening to people; that are giving their lives, trying to protect all of us.

--Posted by Jayne Schnittker, a resident of the Alamo neighborhood

All you NRA types who love people to have the right to own assault weapons should look into your souls and ask if you still want these weapons on the streets with the ability to fire thru closet walls into our swat policemen.

--Posted by Bob, a resident of the Danville neighborhood