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Perspective - March 27, 2009

Letters to the editor

No flowers to enjoy

Dear Editor:

Just to make you aware of a disappointing situation that occurred across the street from Los Cerros Middle School where I live. Along the path behind my house, I planted daffodils and tulips to brighten the path. I was excited about the flowers that would bloom and how it was something that everyone could enjoy.

Well, I couldn't believe when I walked down the path this evening and realized that someone had cut and removed all the flowers! I am certain we have all been tempted to take a flower but all of them? Not sure who would be so heartless.

Something like this does make you lose your faith in people, but I can't let one insensitive person ruin my faith in everyone. I hope whoever did it will read this and realize this was a truly selfish act; now no one can enjoy the flowers because they are gone.

Can I ask this person to leave the remaining tulips that are just starting to come up so we have some flowers on the path? I have dealt with graffiti on my fence and even had my fence kicked in, but this is truly the lowest blow.

Please think about the fact that when you destroy things on someone's property, it feels like you took away a tiny piece of their soul. I will concentrate on the good people I have met over my life and realize that things do balance out. I just wanted to write to make people think about how vandalism does more than waste a gardener's afternoon or two - it can destroy someone's spirit and enthusiasm to bring beauty to strangers.

Audrey Killick, Danville

Here we go again in Alamo

Dear Editor:

This letter is in rebuttal to last week's "AIA Board ponders role in future of Alamo."

Here we go again! Now the AIA (Alamo Improvement Association) and several members of AIM (Alamo Incorporation Movement) are bound and determined that they are the "Chosen Ones" to protect Alamo or to educate some of us to the sort of change that could be coming! Your ideas about "change" were voted down by a two-thirds margin! Why don't you understand the meaning of NO?

The "change" that I sincerely hope is coming is establishment of a MAC - a Municipal Advisory Committee. Hopefully, the Board of Supervisors will cause it to happen fairly soon.

To be fair, it is imperative that members of the MAC should be selected proportionally from those who successfully fought incorporation and those of AIM that tried so hard to pass it.

So, to the members of the AIA, I must say: "No, thank you!" As a member of the AIA Board in 1976-77, I acknowledge the benefit to Alamo of all of the efforts of the AIA Planning Committee. We will call upon them whenever the occasion arises for their constructive analysis and recommendations in the future.

Robert D. Myhre, Alamo