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Newsfront - April 3, 2009

Where is that water coming from?

Pumps beneath Podva House send water down Hartz Avenue

by Geoff Gillette

Many residents have seen it over the last week or so - a nearly constant flow of water heading down Hartz Avenue from the Podva-Shuey House about a block down to the storm sewers.

But the question is: Where is it coming from? Town Engineer Steve Lake says it's coming from sump pumps that empty out onto the street.

"They have a sump pump system to pick up ground water when it gets to a certain level," he explained.

Lake said the pumps have been quiet for the past several months but when the area gets rainfall and the water table starts to rise, the pumps will start up again. He added that while it looks like it's constantly flowing, it's really only putting water out for short periods.

"The pump goes on about every two minutes and stays on for only about 15 seconds," he said.

Currently the water is going into the storm sewers, but there are other options that are being examined.

"They (the owners) know it's a problem and they are working on a permanent solution of discharging it into the sanitary sewer," Lake stated.

The sanitary sewer is where water from household uses goes. In order to have the discharge from the pumps go there, they will need permission from Central Sanitation Services. Once that is accomplished, Lake said, it is just a matter of redirecting the lines from the pump to go into the sanitary sewer.