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Perspective - April 10, 2009

Letters to the editor

Cheaper than no Prop. 13

Dear Editor:

Other than Mike Arata, who apparently opposes anything the San Ramon Valley school district might propose, I can't imagine any reasonable taxpayer in the district who would not support paying a measly 12 bucks a month to continue programs that enrich the lives of our students. Twelve dollars! What a bargain considering that if Prop. 13 were not in force, we would be paying so much more.

Ed Angle, Danville

Texas hometown hero

Dear Editor:

Sadly in today's world there are too few heroes. On Jan. 15, I learned of one that our entire nation can be proud of but especially the residents of Danville, Calif., and those of Grayson County, Texas. Longtime Danville, California resident Capt. Chesley B. (Sully) Sullenberger III, a true hero, is the US Airways Flight 1549 pilot who averted a disaster that day back in January by landing his disabled plane with 155 people aboard in New York's Hudson River without having any loss of life.

Sully was born and raised in Denison, Texas, where his family ties go back several generations. He graduated from high school there in 1969. I'm also proud to say that he took his first flying lessons 10 miles away in my hometown of Sherman. Sully is now one of the country's most sought after speakers and his admirers will be many when he addresses this year's graduation class of Denison High School.

Of course, everyone on that plane could also be called heroes because they did not panic and performed just as Sully instructed. The people in the lifeboats are heroes as well but it all began with Sully; he was simply the right person at the right time. You can search the Internet for more biographical information about Chesley B. (Sully) Sullenberger III; his accomplishments should make all Americans proud but especially the residents in his home areas of California and Texas.

In spite of all he has accomplished, one of the best things may be that he remains just a down to earth, all around easy going, genuinely good person.

David Hall, Sherman, Texas


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