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Perspective - April 10, 2009


Asked at San Ramon Valley High School

Do you believe in the Easter bunny?

Yes. I think I was 3 or 4 when my mom took me to the mall to get my picture taken with the Easter bunny. I got scared sitting in his lap and punched him in the nose. So my mom had to hold me for the picture.

Molly Barnes

12th grade student

No. My parents never used the Easter bunny as a gift giver when I got an Easter present. They did let me believe in Santa Claus, though.

Ryan Batrieni

12th grade student

Yes, because Easter is more fun with him around. When I was in high school, our pet bunny ran away and we searched everywhere. Finally, she came back into the back yard on Easter morning. Now our family legend is that our bunny had a date with the Easter bunny.

Jaclyn Huchins

English teacher

No. One year I woke up and there weren't eggs outside. That is the year I was told the Easter bunny wasn't real. I watched my brothers put the eggs out at 3 p.m. and they hid them in the trees. I had to be a slave for my brothers because I didn't find all of the eggs.

Vanessa Newell

9th grade student

Not now. When I was younger we would have an Easter egg hunt every Easter morning. Being the youngest, I was last to find out it wasn't a bunny that brought the eggs. One night at the dinner table my mom said, "Grace, you know there's no Easter bunny." I said, "Yeah, of course," pretending I knew. But, right then I couldn't believe anymore.

Grace Leer

11th grade student


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