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Perspective - April 17, 2009


Asked at the Danville Library

What's your favorite Bay Area "stay-cation"?

Santa Cruz. We go in the morning as a mothers-and-daughters trip every year. We are all acquainted through soccer. My daughter, Hailey, and her soccer friends look forward to the beach (with boy-watching), the boardwalk rides and the clam chowder. Moms look forward to kids playing on the beach all day while they talk over Margaritas. Going home, the kids sleep.

Danielle Landman

sales and event planning

Head to S.F. for the day, beginning with the "ah-ha" moment coming through the Caldecott Tunnel on a crystal clear day, looking at the city and the G.G. Bridge. I get energized walking around the city with its hustle and bustle, then going to the theater and dinner afterward.

Katrina Watson

job seeker

My husband and I love to go out to the beach and check out the ocean, especially during a storm when the waves are the biggest. Then we go to the S.F. Zoo to see exhibits and all the animals. We really like the primate exhibits and large cats. Then we go to dinner at our favorite spot before heading home.

Joan Leonard


I'm a hiking fool and love to go to Mount Diablo. Why not? It's the closest "stay-cation" around. It's the nearest place to get a far away feeling.

Brad Crooker


We like to go to Carmel or Monterey for a day trip and walk through downtown and the beach. I usually hang out around watch shops and smoke fine cigars, while my wife, Ramina, steals my credit cards and goes shopping.

Tom Nassayan

software developer