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Perspective - April 24, 2009

Letters to the editor

Darkness on Earth Day

Dear Editor:

One of the marvelous sights one sees when flying home from abroad is the resplendent sea of lights that is so characteristic for America. Even Paris, the City of Lights, when viewed from aloft does not come even close to that sight.

To drive home the point of some nebulous conservationism we are exhorted to turn off lights on Earth Day. It makes sense: The Forces of Darkness want to give you the taste of what the world under their control would be like.

Turning off lights at night certainly will do nothing for the electrical power generation system. That system actually benefits from having a reasonable load at night so that it does not have to shut down some power-generating plants and then restart them again the next day. Nothing at all is "saved" by tampering with the night electric load. The drop in power consumption demanded by the harbinger of darkness would save nothing.

Why then the proposed "demonstration?" To train the populace in complying like Pavlov's dogs to any inanity they will come up in the future. Promoters of such programs - ecology nuts who are now taking the place of the communists - are basically anti-people and want to introduce the universal misery, shortages, deprivations and curtailment of liberty in which their predecessors failed so miserably. Turn them out of office while there is still time.

The lights in my house will be ablaze on the Earth Day throughout the night.

Vlado Bevc, Danville

Fantastic Tea Party

Dear Editor:

I attended and participated in the Pleasanton Tea Party. The crowd numbered approximately 2,000 fantastic concerned citizens. All of the people, from the very young children to the seniors, Republicans and Democrats alike, are extremely disturbed by the attitude of our Tax and Take government.

At 6 p.m. as we collected our two tables and chairs, we were extremely impressed by the immaculate condition of the park. Unlike the mess at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., when "the rent a mob" left after the inauguration, we left the park in pristine condition.

Alicia Watson, Alamo