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Perspective - April 24, 2009

My Heart Is Blue

by Nancy Fraze, Danville Poet Laureate

Today I pause in deep respect

For the gallant and the brave;

I feel a tug deep in my heart

For the highest price they paid.

Giving their best (and then some)

They responded to duty's call;

Keepin' strong to keep the peace,

Oh, how could these Blue Knights fall?

Today I pause to pay respect

To the gallant and the brave;

I feel such grief deep in my heart

For the sacrifice they made.

What beats in a heart so true?

What thoughts run through the mind?

What integrity runs in the veins of one

Who serves his fellow kind?

These Blue Knights without regard for fear

Performed their jobs, and held loved ones dear.

They lived with integrity, honor and yet -

Fell in their calling and held no regret.

It is we, left behind, who in silence reflect;

It is we who are somber, it is we who lament!

Each Blue Knight had two families: one at work and one at home.

Together now each sorrows - neither one grieves alone.

Each Blue Knight, with both families, shared life's laughter and pain,

Together now each remembers - finding courage once again.

The Blue Knights served us with pride and compassion.

They kept the peace and worked with distinction.

Today, my heart is Blue - and maybe always will be

To honor four Blue Knights and their five families.