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Perspective - May 1, 2009

A tax worth approving

Measure C votes are being counted this Tuesday, May 5. Mail in your ballots today, if you haven't already done so, to cast your vote for the $144 per year parcel tax to benefit the San Ramon Valley Unified School District.

The schools need money now more than ever. Five years ago when the voters approved the current $90 parcel tax, they agreed that residents should help out the schools with this money that would go straight to the district to help pay for better libraries, counselors and fewer students per class. Now that parcel tax is expiring in June but funding for the schools from other sources has not improved. Instead the situation continues to worsen, and the district is looking at $16 million in budget cuts by the state.

Bond measures have provided us with up-to-date facilities; now we must vote for Measure C so we can continue to provide the best education possible on those updated campuses. As with every company and every household, the school district is weighing carefully where it can make cuts. Although the superintendent's priority is that everything funded is judged on its relevance to the classroom, at this point cuts are bound to affect programs and personnel that directly impact our students. The passage of Measure C would provide some relief in these troubled times.

We should take pride in our beautiful community and want the best in our neighborhood schools. We have active parent populations that raise money and contribute their time. Anything extra is paid for by the parents and active booster clubs for sports, music and academics. But still, money is needed for some things, such as the programs that have been funded for the last five years by the expiring tax and improving science programs.

Vote Yes on Measure C.

Measure C votes must be received by the Contra Costa County Elections Division by Tuesday, May 5, to be counted and officials suggest that they be in the mail May 1 to guarantee delivery. If there is any doubt, ballots may be dropped off from 10 a.m. and 8 p.m., Tuesday, May 5, at two locations:

* Creekside Community Church, 1350 Danville Blvd., Alamo

* San Ramon Valley Conference Center, 3301 Crow Canyon Road, San Ramon