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Newsfront - May 1, 2009

Bridge work begins for new YMCA building

Bridge extends Lewis Lane to 'Y' property

by Geoff Gillette

Construction crews were out on Lewis Lane early Friday as cement trucks began the process of dumping tons of concrete into wooden forms that will become the main structure of the bridge connecting Danville Boulevard with the property for the new Alamo YMCA.

"This is the critical piece of infrastructure for the YMCA because it literally connects us to the community," said Kathy Chiverton, executive director of the San Ramon Valley YMCA.

Foreman John Hooper of R.M. Harris from Martinez said the work would take about four hours, as they used a pump to shoot the 190 cubic yards of concrete out through a long tube to fill in the forms. As each area was filled, crews on hand worked to smooth the mixture, getting out any bubbles and allowing the concrete to solidify.

Hooper said the concrete would take a few weeks to dry. Once it has set, workers will begin the process of stringing utility wires through access tubes. After that, a top layer of concrete and asphalt will be put down and the bridge will be ready for testing.

The final stage of the bridge is the installation of cables that run below the deck. When the cables are in place, he said a machine will be brought in that will put 1.5 million pounds of pressure on the bridge, holding it steady and helping it to hold the weight of the vehicles traveling across.

Building the bridge is an integral part in the construction of the YMCA, which will be located directly north of Hap Magee Ranch Park. The 12-acre site will house a campus style arrangement of buildings that will utilize the existing topography.

The initial phase will be a 29,000-square-foot facility that will include an indoor warm water therapy pool, an outdoor lap pool and a family splash zone.

The design, by Dahlin Group, includes a family wellness center with cardiovascular equipment, aerobics/pilates and yoga rooms, a teaching kitchen, teen leadership center, and a multi-generational center for teens and seniors.

The YMCA has been involved in a fundraising effort to pay the cost of the $9.1 million facility over the past four years. Mark Checchi and Northwestern Mutual Financial Network are sponsoring the Mt. Diablo Region YMCA's 51st annual Golf Tournament to be held on June 15 at Diablo Country Club.

"We're a little under $300,000 from our goal that will help us as we go forward in getting our bond financing," said Chiverton.

With the completion of the bridge, construction vehicles will have better access to the property and building can get under way. Chiverton said fall 2010 is the likely opening date for the new facility.


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Posted by Community courtesy
a resident of another community
on May 1, 2009 at 7:08 am

Dear Dolores,

Alamo region neighborhood e-exchanges focused on Ms. Chiverton's commentary in your story this morning, "This is the critical piece of infrastructure for the YMCA because it literally connects us to the community," said Kathy Chiverton, executive director of the San Ramon Valley YMCA.

Neighbors throughout the Alamo region noted that SRV YMCA has no connection to our community of neighborhoods and the bridge only connect SRV YMCA commercial facilities to Danville Blvd. In 94507, less than 7% of residents have any connection to any YMCA and neighbors throughout the region continue to oppose such commercial construction deep in the Hemme neighborhoods.

As history circulated this morning illustrating how Ms. Chiverton, as District 3 Chief of Staff, worked to gain approval of this unwanted commercial invasion, neighbors better understood Ms. Chiverton's commentary, quite after the fact of questionable and unwanted approval, that tries to tie the YMCA to our Alamo region.

SRV YMCA is not part of Alamo region community of neighborhoods and will remain a negative to our community residents.

Hal, as a community coutesy

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Posted by Bill Fold
a resident of Alamo
on Jan 21, 2011 at 5:44 pm

Although I haven't seen the final plans for the YMCA Center, I think it will be a great benefit to the town of Alamo. I like to swim and am welcoming the addition of a community pool. It is WAY more energy efficient than an individual pool. I just hope they can keep the $$ rates to a reasonable level. That has kept me from using the Y in previous years, opting to instead use the San Jose State or Santa Clara pools. Much more cost effective. An indoor outdoor pool would be great - ie, a pool enclosed, but with a openable roof. Build it and I will come! I am moving there shortly.

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Posted by Bridge over Troubled Water
a resident of Danville
on Jan 21, 2011 at 9:06 pm

My understanding is that the regional YMCA declared chaper 11 bankruptcy, project is on a long-term hold. Only an eye-sore concrete bridge at the location spanning the creek.

Don't hold your breath!