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Sports - May 1, 2009

St. Isidore fourth-grade girls win their division

St. Isidore fourth-grade girls defeated SM/SC for the American division championship, winning 19-10. Brianna Simonich led the way with 7 points. Alex Popper had 4 points; Kameryn Gubera and Maya Nielan each had 3 points; and Alyssa Hornbuckle had 2 points. Mikayla Rosaia, Heather Scheibley, Shannon Newman, Jordan Maddox and Madison Brown all played great defense.

Team players are Assistant Coach Russ Scheibley and Head Coach Scott Simonich, Brianna Simonich, Shannon Newman, Maya Nielan, Madison Brown, Alyssa Hornbuckle, Mikayla Rosaia, Kameryn Gubera, Heather Scheibley, Jordan Maddox and Alex Popper.


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