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Newsfront - May 8, 2009

Children's Film Fest in Danville next weekend

The sixth annual Danville International Children's Film Festival will be held Friday-Sunday, May 15-17, with a blend of youth-produced, film-student and professional movies shown throughout the weekend in Danville's Village Theatre, 233 Front St. Nearly 40 films will be screened at the three-day event, chosen from 120 entries, and the festival will also feature a series of educational seminars for children and parents.

"What I like about the festival is the friendly atmosphere of the town," said Promotions Director Beau Behan. "It gives you that homey experience, that warm feeling, and at the end you've gotten something out of it. It's really fulfilling."

The festival is a co-production of the California Independent Film Festival Association and the Town of Danville. This sixth anniversary of the festival celebrates diversity, human rights and freedom of expression through dramatic and comedic films, shorts and moving documentaries.

An opening night reception is scheduled for 6-7 p.m. Friday, a meet-and-greet to welcome Emmy Award-winning actress Nancy Cartwright, who is best known as the voice of spike-headed underachiever Bart Simpson. From 7-9 p.m. she will be presented the 2009 Humanitarian Award and there will be a screening of "The Simpsons Movie" from 2007. Cost of the evening is $10.

The 2009 Rising Star Award will be given to 15-year-old actress Raini Rodriguez on May 16. She is perhaps best known for her role as Maya Blart in "Paul Blart Mall Cop."

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