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Newsfront - May 15, 2009

'Opera' is now Diablo Theatre Company

The Diablo Light Opera Company (DLOC), currently celebrating its 50th anniversary, announced this week that it is changing its name to the Diablo Theatre Company, effective June 1. Its tagline - "The Music and Magic of Broadway" - will be retained.

DLOC president Claudia Nemir said the new name maintains a link to the past by continuing the use of "Diablo," a designation that helps establish the company's geographical location near Mount Diablo. "And the word 'theatre' is neutral and broad enough to allow us to venture into other areas of the arts, non-musicals perhaps, should that decision be made some time in the future," Nemir said.

When the company was formed in June 1959, its repertoire was largely Gilbert and Sullivan shows and operettas.

"The old name mistakenly led some patrons to think we perform classic opera, which we don't," said Nemir. "What we do produce are first-rate Broadway musicals such as 'The Producers,' which we premiered in the East Bay in February, and 'Hello, Dolly!' opening June 5."


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