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Perspective - May 15, 2009


Asked at a Danville restaurant

Has the swine flu altered your vacation plans?

Yes. It would alter our plans because my husband has no immune system. We went on the Disney Cruise to Mexico about four years ago but we wouldn't do it now with the extra risk out there. We won't even go to Disneyland until we see how this plays out.

Mary Hunter

occupancy specialist

No. It won't alter my plans because I don't kiss pigs, and I think everyone is so worried about it that it's overly exaggerated. We don't need to throw our kids into a panic. It's OK to close a school if there's a real concern. But I want my kids to be more concerned with studying as well as washing their hands.

Tiffany Stuart

CEO staffing & employment company

No. I am going to Canada on a fishing trip and then to Turks and Cacos Island in the Caribbean. People should eat more pork. Wild boar are coming down from Mount Diablo and Las Trampas every day. My family has eaten pork for years, and we've never had a problem.

Dan Kelly

wild board exterminator

Based on the fact that there have been only two American deaths and the regular flu kills about 35,000 Americans annually, my travel plans remain unaffected. Although I'm not planning on leaving the U.S., but not for reasons of the swine flu.

Jacob True

Diablo Valley College student

Do we have any vacation plans? Yes. We're going to Pittsburgh on business, and we'll extend it into a full vacation in New York and Philadelphia. We have our Zicam at all times, and we're not going to Mexico so I'm sure we'll be fine.

Ruth Goldenberg

business owner


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