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Perspective - May 22, 2009

Letters to the editor

Take walk for vitamin D

Dear Editor:

In your April 10 edition, there was an article about a couple who wanted to remove a redwood tree from their neighbor's back yard because it was shading their yard. I had to laugh at the woman's "reason" for wanting it removed. She said she wanted to get more vitamin D. She said she had been reading about its health benefits.

Well, she could get her vitamin D and some exercise that would be good for her heart simply by taking a 20-minute walk every day. That would benefit her in several ways without having to cut down a tree. She says she is interested in her health. Well, if she was reading about vitamin D, perhaps she has also come across an article or two on Global warming. Plants are the only "filter" we have to clean the pollution we put in the air. They take in our pollution and give us back oxygen.

Somehow, with the amount of air cleaning a redwood tree could do vs. the 20 minutes of sunshine she needs for vitamin D, it does not seem like a smart choice to cut down the tree.

Lynda Esposito