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Perspective - May 22, 2009


Asked at VFW Post 75 meeting in Danville Veterans Hall

Do you have a good war story?

At Fort Ord during distribution of clothes and shoes, when asked what size combat boots, I said size nine. They replied, "We're out of nines and tens. All we have left is 13DDD." Eighteen of us received 13DDDs. It was like walking around with garage doors on your feet!

Tony Carnemolla

U.S. Army Korean War veteran

My son served in Afghanistan as an Army sergeant EOD(explosive ordnance disposal), and I remember him calling me from over there saying, "Mom, I have three kills." I stopped breathing! Then he said, "I killed a chicken, and I killed a rabid dog, and I killed a snake." I was so relieved. But I thought then that my son was not a boy anymore.

Tami Jenkins

Blue Star Mom, U.S. Army

In service, units are periodically inspected for material and also manpower readiness. The two biggest lies in the service, when the inspection groups arrive, are when the chief inspector says, "We are pleased to be here," and the commanding officer of the command says, "We are happy to have you."

Russell W. Gorman

U.S. Navy Rear Admiral, retired

When I came out of an outpost in Korea after days with very little to eat, I went to a mess tent they had set up. When I sat down to order they asked what I wanted, and, half joking, I said, "Two eggs over easy, bacon, toast and real milk." They actually brought it to me! It's the best meal I can remember.

Mac McCuskey

U.S. Marine Corps Korean War veteran

My new bride, Ellen, and our '57 Olds had arrived for duty at an AFB in Turkey. We scheduled an outing with others the next day. As we departed the base I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw only the huge oval of an F-100 intake as it passed low over us with loud afterburners. BANG! My wife was terrified.

R. Nathan Greene

U.S. Air Force Rescue Pilot


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