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Perspective - May 29, 2009


Asked of third-graders from Greenbrook Elementary at the Tassajara One Room Schoolhouse

What's the best thing about attending a one-room schoolhouse in 1888?

I think the best thing was doing the relay races. I loved how we got to skip, because I love skipping, and side shuffle during the race. I also liked the old songs.

Carson Meringer

I liked doing ciphering, which is what they called arithmetic in 1888. When you make a mistake there was no eraser. I liked division and multiplication the best.

Henrik Lang

I loved writing with quill and ink. What fascinates me is that I read Harry Potter, and they used quills and ink, and I thought, "How cool. I wish I could do this." Then when I found out we got to do it here at the schoolhouse I was so excited. It was messy, which I'm not used to, and a big challenge.

Anna Spain

Getting in trouble for riding my horse to school and forgetting to tie it up (even though there really wasn't a horse). My punishment was putting my nose into a small chalk circle on the blackboard and holding it there until Master Wharton let me sit down. At least he didn't hit me with the hickory stick, which was a little scary.

Bailey Mees

I like to sing, so I liked all the old songs that we sang. I especially like "Yankee Doodle," because I heard it before and it was familiar, so I didn't have any trouble. I also liked writing with quill pens in cursive the way they used to in 1888.

Meghan Helle