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Newsfront - May 29, 2009

Town declares moratorium on parking fees

Move designed to help spark business in downtown

by Geoff Gillette

As part of their ongoing efforts to assist downtown merchants during the economic downturn, members of the Danville Town Council approved a resolution putting a hold on so called "parking in-lieu" fees. Such fees are assessed when a business owner does not have the required amount of parking spaces to service the expected level of clientele at their establishments.

At their May 5 meeting, council members discussed the issue, which has been something of a sticking point for restaurateurs in the downtown. The resolution, which was first introduced when the town released its economic stimulus package in March, would place a two-year moratorium on the fees.

This is expected to allow restaurant owners with the capacity for outdoor seating to utilize the space without being hit for the additional fees.

Mayor Newell Arnerich said he feels the resolution will ultimately help business owners get through the difficult economic times. He added that this also provides assistance all throughout the town because having the businesses in the downtown provides sales taxes and jobs to residents.

Councilman Mike Shimansky questioned whether changing the parking in lieu fees would have any effect on projects currently under way. "Do we have anything in the mill right now that would be affected by this?" he asked.

Staff members said they did not believe any incoming projects would need to change in order to utilize the moratorium effectively.

Councilwoman Karen Stepper gave the resolution her support, saying she felt the town has the necessary infrastructure to support the additional traffic. "Our parking survey showed that we have adequate parking."

Council members gave their unanimous approval to the resolution.


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