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Sports - June 12, 2009

Championship play

Yankees pitcher Sam Mink, No. 9, tags the Giants player on his way to second base as the Yankees head for a 7-4 win in this game and the San Ramon Valley Little League AA Championship, played at Los Cerros Middle School.

"It is wonderful to experience the young end of the baseball spectrum and see these boys demonstrate the nuances of the game, play their hearts out, and show moments of brilliance at the plate and in the field. It's also fun to watch!" noted Bee Hylinski of Alamo.

Team members and coaches are John Stame, Kevin Rantz, Geoff Mink, Dave Holt, Robbie Chambers, Jack Holt, Daniel Medley, Danny Carpentier, Erik Karlsekind, Ben Stame, Volney Spaulding, Sam Mink, Ryan Rantz, Grant Fautt, Matthew Trinkus and Ben Morales.


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