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Newsfront - June 12, 2009

Danville men join bristly brotherhood

Devon Gooch Blunden and Max Zimmerman, both 22, show off their flowing facial locks as they headed off to join their equally hirsute comrades on Beard Team USA, whose motto is "Growing Beards for America." The pair took a cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, Alaska, to join the team in the World Beard and Mustache Championships. Contestants were feted in Anchorage with parades and parties before the May 23 championship. Blunden's Mutton Chops and Zimmerman's Alaska Whaler both placed fourth in the competition. Blunden and Zimmerman said going to Alaska for the championship was a great way to start off their summer vacation from UC Berkeley, where Zimmerman just graduated, and UC Santa Barbara. The pair has committed to joining Beard Team USA in representing their country in the next championship, set for 2011 in Trondheim, Norway.