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Perspective - June 12, 2009

Letters to the editor

Refining Democracy: The Budget Crisis

Dear Editor:

It is most troubling for the taxpayers to see the growing budget deficit in the State and the Federal Government.

In California, Gov. Davis was replaced by the current governor to eliminate the budget deficit. And now the deficit of $24.3 billion is greater than ever before. At the national level the deficit is now running in the trillions. The situation is not self-correcting; it is self degenerating.

Some causes and corrective measures are:

* The elected officials lack knowledge in math, accounting and sound principles of economics. We need to adopt prerequisites for eligibility for election to maintain the required standard of knowledge in the elected body.

* In the absence of any restriction on expenditure, elected officials consider taxpayers money as free money for appeasing their voters. Each year, 10 percent of the revenue may be set aside as reserve fund, and after 10 years, expenditure may be limited to 90 percent of the reserve fund on hand.

* In the absence of sufficient accountability, the officials act irresponsibly. For those responsible for causing the deficit, there may be a reduction in their salary and perks by the same percentage as the deficit. Further, they may be blacklisted disallowing contest in any future election.

* Individually, the elected officials possess average intelligence, but their collective IQ is usually subzero in Congress or State Assemblies. Establish strict procedural guidelines that they add to one another, not subtract from each other.

We need propositions for voters to cover the above points.

T.S. Khanna, Alamo