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Perspective - June 12, 2009


Asked of seniors at San Ramon Valley High School

What are you going to miss about high school besides your friends?

I am going to miss all the school spirit and events. I loved every homecoming week and school-wide dress up days. I am definitely going to miss that next year.

Kellie McFarland

The thing I'll miss most is the sense of fellowship. I'll miss being able to walk through the halls and smile at or high-five anyone I come across. I'll miss that love.

Nolan Theurer

I will miss the performing arts program as a whole and school spirit. Practically everyone at SR loves this school, and the high energy is so awesome to be involved in. I'm going to miss being a San Ramon Wolf once I'm an Azusa Pacific cougar.

Megan O'Brien

The thing I'll miss most after high school is the opportunity to make a difference with the people I love. Music with the Chamber Singers, cleaning up with the environmental program, and playing benefit concerts with leadership have helped build my character as well as given me memories with people I'll never forget.

Ian Charbonnet

I am going to miss everything about choir! The camaraderie and united focus makes coming into choir every day a blessing. Ken Abrams, our director, has made a truly unique and incredible choir program, and I cherish every moment.

Megan Michaelis