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Living - June 26, 2009

Art Space: Art on the Lane: Four local artists join forces to create and teach

by John A. Barry

Four local artists have pooled their talents and resources to create an art space in downtown Danville. Barbara Davies, Kathy McCartney, Rich McVey and Joanne Robinson are the principals of Art on the Lane, toward the end of a lane off Prospect Avenue (behind Starbucks at Hartz and Prospect). Located at 122 E. Prospect, this venue is an amplification of Davies' former studio, a few doors down the lane.

Over the past six years, Davies says, she has occupied every space on the lane at various times. Because of high rent costs, she notes, "It doesn't make sense to have space by yourself." Thus the collective venture.

The new space affords the four artists a place to display and sell their work. In addition, Davies and McCartney currently offer painting classes, and Davies stresses their importance. She taught K-6 art in the San Ramon Valley school district, has three teaching credentials, and says she has brought those experiences to Art on the Lane.

There, children and adults can learn to draw and paint in a variety of media. Morning, afternoon and evening classes are offered for all levels and ages, starting at age 8. Students may take lessons given by McCartney or Davies or attend workshops with Davies. Robinson says she plans to start offering lessons in the fall.

McCartney, who now has 19 students, points out that she studied for eight years with Tom Anderson, a teacher in the community who operated Art By U. McCartney took on his students when he stopped teaching.

The artists

* Barbara Davies says that her oil paintings are inspired by her travels, nature and the beauty of simple objects. "I strive to capture the interplay of light, shadow and color in the courtyards, gardens and cafes of Europe." She calls her painting style "urban realism." Davies notes that her work is exhibited at the Basil Leaf Café, Rising Loafer, and Café Meyer's in Danville as well as in venues such as the prestigious Zantman Galleries in Carmel and Palm Desert. Visit

* Kathy McCartney says that her love for the arts and the tropics formed during childhood, when she lived on Oahu. "I remember my fascination with the turquoise ocean and the way the sun beamed through the drifting clouds." She transitioned that fascination to oil on canvas, specializing in scenes from Hawaii, where her work is exhibited for sale. Visit

* In the early 1970s, Rich McVey bought a used 35mm Canon FP Camera and was, as he says, "hooked" on photography. When the digital revolution emerged in the late 1980s, he "brought the dark room into my workspace, enabling me to do the complete job, from the initial shoot to the final print." McVey says he enjoys portraiture, scenic landscapes and "anything out of the normal." After every shoot, he says, he always critiques his work and tries to improve for the next shoot. E-mail .

* Joanne Robinson has been painting in oil for five years, after working in the accounting profession for 30 years. Her work is clearly influenced by Davies, with whom she studied for several years and then shared space in one of Davies' other venues on the lane.

--John A. Barry is a writer and aspiring artist. To share anything art-related, call him at 314-9528 or e-mail


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