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Perspective - June 26, 2009

Farewell to Danville icon

It's with sadness that we say goodbye to a modern Danville icon, Phil "Starman" Hellsten.

In the early days of the Danville Weekly, he walked into the offices to introduce himself and say, "Everyone told me to come in here and talk to you guys. They think I'm a story." Indeed Phil was many stories, an idea man who bombarded us with projects in the making and planned for the future.

Through our four years when we have asked people what they want to read about, many responded that they would like to know more about that tall guy with the ponytail and beard who was always walking around town.

Many people did know him, from business and restaurant owners to the tennis players who gather each weekend morning at the high school. The artists knew him as a fellow creative spirit of boundless energy, who was always helpful to others.

Our condolences to these artists who have lost a friend, to his family, and to Danville, which has lost a town character.