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Living - June 26, 2009

Of note

Wesley Brown, an 8-year-old home-schooled boy from Merced, receives a bicycle for winning the essay contest on "Where is Al Gore wrong in his book, 'An Inconvenient Truth'?" sponsored by the Synergy Institute. "It is interesting that all contestants were homeschooled children," said Vlado Bevc, the Danville resident who is founder of the Institute.

In his essay, Wesley states, "The former vice president, Al Gore thinks Global Warming is because of man. Sometimes global warming can be because of man but it is sometimes because of more sunspots on the sun and other natural events that happen in the environment."

He concludes, "If global warming happens like Al Gore says it will happen, which I do not think it will, then maybe polar bears will adapt to the changes like what happens with lots of other different species. This is the way God created animals to be able to change as the world changes because of sin."

The winners of the San Ramon Valley Teen Idol, sponsored by the San Ramon Valley Rotary club, are in. First place went to 16-year-old Jordan Smith, who won $1,000 and a recording session. Second place went to Braden Sweeney, 14, who received a check for $500. Third place went to Alissa Anderegg, 16, who received a check for $250

Judges for the fourth Valley-wide Teen Idol included San Ramon Mayor H. Abram H. Wilson, Sylvia Manker, Larry Blair and Stevie Rae Stephens, the winner of the 2006 Valley Teen Idol.

The winning performance can be seen on YouTube.


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