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Perspective - June 26, 2009


Asked at Alamo Plaza

What's your favorite park to visit in California?

Mt. Diablo State Park. I love the vistas on a clear day, and our grandchildren love to go play at Rock City where the Miwok Indians used to grind their acorns. It's also nice and close. My husband rides his bike up there all the time.

Marilee Tinker

retired Baldwin Elementary School teacher

We go to Mount Shasta every summer and enjoy the lake and go boating. We hang out with family, and we have all hiked into the Lake Shasta caverns. It's gorgeous up there!

Kristen Barker

Alamo Realtor

Point Bonita in Marin County, out past the Golden Gate Bridge. It's the best views of the ocean and the city at the same time. Along the way, it's one of the nicest drives anywhere. I like exploring the abandoned military encampments along the cliffs. I just go for the day, but it would be nice to camp out there sometime.

Mike Sallstrom

UC Santa Barbara freshman

My favorite is Yosemite. I like to visit there every season and have probably gone there at least once a year since I can remember. In the summer we like to go rafting from Curry Village. My brother and I climbed Half Dome from the backside up the cable when I was 13. I like the beauty and the quiet there.

Kathy Karp

Sycamore Valley Elementary School resource para-educator

I like Mono Lake State Park. Driving down the backside of the Sierra is an awe inspiring and breathtaking experience, especially when going over Tioga Pass. The sheer number of different types of birds that migrate through there is mind boggling, and the tufas are a strange phenomenon and quite a sight. The visitor's center is one of the best I've seen.

Kevin DeLano

UC Davis sophomore


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