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Column - July 3, 2009

Diablo Views: How can it be the Fourth of July already? and other footnotes

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

It must be the third of June; it can't already be the third of July, which is of course followed by the Fourth of July. But, yes, it is indeed time for the Kiwanis Fourth of July Parade in Danville, and I have my walking sandals ready.

Last year I wore sturdy walking shoes to report at 8 a.m., stand around for hours waiting to be signaled into the lineup, then walk the 1.2-mile parade route in front of the fan-tastic Danville Weekly Marching Band aka the combined high schools band. Then I walked back to our former office on Diablo Road. It was a wonderful experience - really fun to participate in an event that I'd enjoyed from the sidelines for many years. But toward the end my feet were tired and hot. Actually my entire body was tired and hot.

This year I am wearing walking sandals, which I hope will keep my feet cooler and provide as much support. But the real reason is vanity: I need to worry about my tan line for my daughter Zoe's wedding, which is July 18. My feet are usually white because I acquire most of my tan on the tennis court. I've been trying to remedy this, stripping off my tennis shoes and socks as soon as possible. Now I'm not about to ruin these efforts with one long morning on the Fourth of July. I will apply sunscreen, but still.

I know, I know - no one is going to notice the feet of the mother of the bride, especially with her bevy of beautiful bridesmaids. But traditional holds that nothing in the bridal party be whiter than the bride's dress so I'm trying to cooperate.

Not only is the Fourth of July already here, but Zoe's wedding is fast approaching. After an engagement of a year and a half and planning the wedding for eight months, the big day is right around the corner. One would expect us to be ready, wouldn't one? But the fact is that we could probably use another few weeks. Zoe is well organized but since she's a teacher she waited until school was out to tackle a few details. Plus she received a pink slip in March, had it rescinded in April, then received another pink slip the last week of school so she's been spending a lot of time looking for a job.

I'm sure we'll manage to get everything done, but last weekend's hot spell gave us another worry: What if it's 105 degrees on July 18? How could we possibly don our finery on the second floor where our air conditioner fights nature somewhat reluctantly, and how can we take photos in the garden if the garden is wilted, not to mention us? It's a concern but since there's not much we can do about the weather we agreed not to worry about it. Then we all proceeded to continue worrying. At least the wedding is at 6 p.m. rather than under the noonday sun. If anyone has any suggestions, please e-mail or call me.

Meanwhile the details are getting crossed off the list: Tux for our son Pepe, who is flying in from Berlin that Wednesday night; wedding favors; one more meeting with the flower lady. The wedding dress is hanging in our downstairs closet behind a sturdy door safe from the cat.

Does July come this fast every year? I'm sure the Kiwanis parade organizers are saying the same thing although they seemed to have everything under control Tuesday at their meeting for parade participants. See you tomorrow!

Pedicure correction:

Speaking of feet, last week I wrote about the importance of cleanliness in places that give pedicures and manicures, and the fact that you can bring your own disinfectants and personal tools just to be sure. I quoted someone saying that fines for those breaking the sanitation laws were $20-$25.

My hair stylist of 25 years quickly called to tell me otherwise. She said officials from the State Board of Barbering and Cosmetology drop in randomly to do checks, that fines can run in the thousands of dollars, and salons could even be closed. The person I quoted received her information from a San Diego Union story that ran in December, which did indeed state those were the typical fines.

To make sure I got the correction correct, I called the state board and received its latest fine schedule. Some examples are:

* Waste receptacle not covered: $100

* Lack of disinfectant solution: $500

* Incorrect disinfection of pedicure spas (per chair): $500

* Incorrect disinfection of foot-spas (per unit): $500

* Carry instrument or supplies in garments: $100

* Not washing hands before services: $100

* Illegal instruments on premises: $500

* Employing unlicensed person: $1,000

I apologize for the error and hope this sets the record straight.

-Dolores Fox Ciardelli can be e-mailed at editor@DanvilleWeekly.com.