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Perspective - July 3, 2009


Asked at Danville Station Pool

What do you look forward to every Fourth of July?

Fireworks, because multi-colored explosives are cool, especially when they're set to music. It's also the one day of the year where I can wear my "Captain America" T-shirt without looking like a total comics geek.

Todd P. Emerson

stay-at-home dad

Seeing my children's faces while they're watching the Fourth of July parade in downtown Danville. I enjoy having a Bloody Mary with my husband, Brian, too.

Allison Stevens

stay-at-home mom

I was born and raised here, and I grew up watching the parade. I've never missed it.

Michele Gorun

H.R. executive

The parade. I go with my family on bikes. We want to see the "Huey" (Vietnam helicopter) go by and the marching bands. The kids always keep an eye out for the free treats and flags. After that, the big event is a barbeque at home.

Tad Swida

IT manager

We go up to Tahoe every year with friends. This year we'll have five families staying in a big house in Chambers. We'll spend most of the day down at the beach and go boating to all the "hot" spots, especially the Chambers' pier. The evening of the Fourth, we watch the fireworks across the lake with all the kids on the beach.

Christina Booras

bag and apron designer/maker


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