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Perspective - July 3, 2009

Welcome back, water

We still need to conserve water but it's good news that we can loosen up a little with our consumption after this winter's rainfalls and runoff from the Sierra. The best news is that Danville can turn on the water features in the parks again.

On the hottest days, nothing is as refreshing as water - swimming pools, sprinklers and the water to play in at public parks. And just listening to the gurgling of a fountain. It was painful last summer to see the water turned off in the parks, particularly because it probably meant that more people were using water in their individual homes for recreational sprinklers, slip and slides, and the like.

With the drought last year, the Town of Danville had to cut its water usage 30 percent and turn off the water elements in the parks. Water features designed as part of children's playgrounds cannot use recycled water as fountains do, for obvious reasons; health risks are an important consideration in any public water element. But such features in the parks are a huge draw for families as children find water endlessly fascinating and love to play in it.

This summer, East Bay Municipal Utility District has lifted drought restrictions. The water features will be turned on at Hap Magee, Sycamore Valley, Diablo Vista and Oak Hill from noon until 6 p.m. on weekdays and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the weekends. This will allow plenty of time for families to go to the park whenever it can fit into their schedule or to enjoy the water features along with a picnic lunch or supper.

Water supplies are still lower than normal so EBMUD is asking us to voluntarily conserve 10 percent of what we would consume in normal years. After the drought program in effect last year, we will certainly appreciate being able to enjoy the fine water features in our parks in Danville.