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Perspective - July 10, 2009


Asked at the Village Shopping Center in Danville

What would you do if you came into a lot of money?

I have a huge family, and I guess I would support those people. I don't think I would keep a lot of it, as I would give most of it away to veterans, the homeless, charities, etc. The amount I would keep I would use for my everyday expenses and my children's. I do think we all have more than we need.

Pat Harr

Retired, telephone company

I would buy a bunch of clothes and then donate them to charity. I would give the rest of it to animals in need. I already have everything I need.

Annalise Northway

Charlotte Wood Middle School, seventh grade

First I'd eliminate any personal debts and establish investments for my current and future family members. I've actually had this planned out. I'd start a facility where the homeless can come and establish a physical address and get rigorous job and life skills training, including professional development, with the end goal to move out and support themselves and give back.

Bryan Rocco

U.S. Air Force graduate

I'd do a lot of things with the money because there's a lot I want to accomplish. I would first give a large amount to my parents and family to help out and promote their well-being for the rest of their lives. Then I would travel and explore Europe and other parts of the world. The remainder would go to investments and donations.

Claire Sullivan

San Diego State sophomore

The first thing I'd do is treat my parents to a vacation in Hawaii. Then I would travel the world, especially Ireland and Scotland. Also, I'd go to Africa to see what I can do to help there. I would put the majority of it away in investments to save for when I get out of college.

Jensen McKean

Diablo Valley College sophomore baseball player


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