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Sports - July 17, 2009

Danville 10/11s take District title

In a "do or die" game the Danville 10/11s won the District 57 crown, defeating San Ramon 9-7. San Ramon took off to an early lead with a home run, but Danville rallied to take a 3-1 lead by the end of the first inning. Despite intense pressure from San Ramon, the Danville team was able to maintain that lead for the rest of the game. Four Danville players, Ryan Murphy, Riley Moore, Joe Vranesh and Greg Polosky blasted home runs out of the park to fuel the victory. The Danville 10/11s begin Sectionals play Saturday with the first game in Tracy.

Team members are Ryan Murphy, Nick Moroney, Coach Mike Lloyd, Joey Spears, Manager Brent Hughes, Joe Vranesh, Brian Barcellona, Riley Moore, Jake Hughes, Coach John Spears , Jake Lloyd. Greg Polosky, Clayton Tennant, Joey Matulovich, Conor Maloney.