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Perspective - July 17, 2009


Asked at the Danville 4th of July Parade

What do you like to do to stay cool when it's hot outside?

I love to garden, so I will go outside under the shade of the huge oak trees in our back yard to tend to my garden in the late afternoon waiting for the fog to creep over the Las Trampas hills.

Newell Arnerich

Mayor, Town of Danville

I absolutely love the hot weather, but when it gets to be over 100 degrees I normally go upstairs where we have a small dormer. I put on the cooler and a good movie on my computer and make a quilt. I've done three of them already this summer. This season I'm into "Shogun."

Cris Barry

Charlotte Wood Middle School sixth-grade teacher

I like to swim, because I'm on Sycamore Stingrays swim team. I swim everyday, so it's easy for me to stay cool in hot weather. I love hot weather, and I love swimming in it.

Allison Williams

Charlotte Wood Middle School eighth-grader

I just like sitting in my back yard under a shade tree watching my giant pumpkin plant grow inch by inch.

Mike Doyle

Vice Mayor, Town of Danville Vice Mayor

I like to sit in my car with the air conditioner on. I also take ice baths at home with bags of ice from the grocery store. Drinking water is also a good idea for staying cool and staying hydrated. Sometimes I'll wear a head band to keep my head cool and wear wrist bands so my hands don't get sweaty.

Robby Day

junior, San Ramon Valley High School


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