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Newsfront - July 24, 2009

Dead bird in Danville 4th to test positive for West Nile

A 4th bird has been found in Contra Costa County that has tested positive for the West Nile Virus. A house finch found dead July 2 near Bordeaux Ct. and Tuscany Way, in Danville tested positive for the virus. So far, there have been no human cases of West Nile reported throughout the state of California, but the number of birds reported continues to grow and officials continue to find mosquitoes in the county carrying the virus.

Contra Costa County Mosquito and Vector Control District is warning homeowners with pools and spas to be sure they are not becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. An unused pool or spa should be drained immediately, as it can breed millions of mosquitoes.

In an attempt to locate such areas more quickly, the district has announced that they are partnering with the Contra Costa County Association of Realtors. Realtors are often showing properties where the homeowners have moved out and no one is maintaining the pool. Such areas can provide mosquitoes a safe haven.

Under the partnership, a realtor who knows of a property with an unattended pool or spa will report it to the district for investigation.