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Cover Story - July 24, 2009

Investigation may be nearing end

by Geoff Gillette

Karen Williams and Ron Harmon may soon have some closure in the murder of their son, 17-year-old Rylan Fuchs. Harmon said he is in contact regularly with the District Attorney handling the murder case and he said they are hopeful it will be coming to a conclusion in the next several weeks.

"The attorney said they are getting close to wrapping this up," Harmon reported. "There are more people involved than they expected."

A 15-year-old reported to be involved in the shooting remains in Juvenile Detention on an unrelated charge. Harmon said he has received regular reports throughout the course of the investigation, assuring him the detectives handling his step-son's murder are keeping it on the front burner.

"The reason it's taking so long is they got a one-time shot, because there are juveniles involved. With a juvenile it's different than with an adult. If they blow it with the juvenile, then it's done. They got to get it right the first time," he explained.

Harmon said they are willing to be patient in order to get the right result.

"I don't want anybody walking because of a technicality. If it takes 10 years, there's no statute of limitations on murder," he said.

Rylan's mother, Karen Williams, agreed.

"It doesn't frustrate me, waiting for this. I just want them to do it right."


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