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Newsfront - July 24, 2009

Smoking materials spark small blaze in Alamo Plaza

Restaurant patrons briefly evacuated

by Geoff Gillette

Alamo residents out enjoying a quiet cup of coffee Wednesday afternoon at the Yellow Wood Café got a bit of excitement with their java, when trucks from the San Ramon Fire Protection District rolled up outside.

District spokesperson Kim French said firefighters were dispatched to the scene around 4:40 p.m. after receiving a call of smoke coming from some lattice work on the roof of the café.

Two trucks, two engines and a paramedic unit went to the restaurant and escorted patrons and employees out while they looked into the source of the smoke. Officials said that it turned out the lattice work on the upper story was burning. A crew quickly extinguished the small fire. They then cut out the burned sections of lattice and took it away.

French said the preliminary cause of the fire was believed to be improper use of smoking materials. No injuries were reported and damage was estimated at around $3,000.

Once the fire was out, patrons were allowed back inside. Fire crews left the scene just after 6 p.m.