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Perspective - July 24, 2009


Asked at Hap Magee Ranch Canine Corral in Danville and Alamo

What's your favorite dog story?

We used to have two labs, and one day my mom spilled the most disgusting asparagus soup on the kitchen floor. While she was cleaning up, the dogs chased each other across the floor and slipped in the soup, completely covering themselves in green goo. My mom and I slipped, too, and we all sat there looking at each other in thick green soup.

Ally Abrams

Town intern; sophomore at Syracuse University

When we got Champ, my mom said, "Let's go to the pet store and see the dogs." Out of all the cute dogs, she suggested we get the cutest one with blue eyes and black and brown stripes. My dad made a deal with me that if we got this dog, it would be my birthday present with no party. I said, "Deal!"

Seamus Aparicio

Fourth-grader, Greenbrook Elementary

When I come to the park, I get two or several dogs and a stick, and they have a tug of war. One dog will chase another and, before you know it, seven or eight of them will be chasing each other. It's a great place for dogs to have fun with each other off leash.

Chuck Jakub

Alameda County Maintenance Department

One time Penny was very excited rolling around on my bed, and she rolled off and made a grunting sounds like adults make waking up in the morning. It was funny, but I was relieved she was OK.

Dana Hensler

Sixth-grader, St. Francis in Concord

Teddy licks my hand every morning when I wake up. He won't bark, but as soon as he sees I'm awake, he'll run away. He's a big dog but he's very loving and always wants to sit in my lap and put his whole body weight on my chest.

Natasha Ropchan

Sophomore, St. Mary's College


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