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Newsfront - July 31, 2009

Danville chef auditions for the Food Network

Award winning Chef Rodney Worth, who owns Danville's "The Peasant and the Pear," is hoping to be "The Next Food Network Star" The popular national cable TV network held auditions in San Francisco on Sunday, July 26, and Worth was among more than 200 chefs, cooks and hopeful culinary stars.

"I've always watched the Food Network and just think it would be a real fun thing to do and just show off my culinary talents," said Worth, who also lives in Danville with his wife and three children.

"The Next Food Network Star" is much like "American Idol" for foodies. The show begins with 10 semifinalists who cook for a panel of celebrity judges. Every week one chef is eliminated until there is a national winner.

Being asked to compete on "The Next Food Network Star" would be a huge feather in his cap. Worth hopes the judges feel his passion for cooking.

"It's fun! You're at a party every night when people are at the restaurant," Worth said. "It's a lifestyle for me and my family. It would be a very huge stepping stone in my culinary life."

Worth was named Diablo Magazine "East Bay Chef of the Year in 2008" and Diablo Magazine "Best New Restaurant 2006." He recently opened a second restaurant, "The Peasant Courtyard," in Alamo. His favorite dish to cook is Paella, and his favorite ingredient is eggs.

After waiting in line for almost six hours Sunday, Worth was finally interviewed by Food Network producers. No cooking was involved, but they talked a lot about his cooking style and personality.

"It went pretty well," Worth said of the 10-minute interview.

Food Network producers told him he'll know in one to two more weeks whether he will get an on-camera cooking audition for "The Next Food Network Star"