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Community Pulse - July 31, 2009

Drug bust nets bogus baseball card

Detectives with the Danville Police Department are searching for the owner of what was originally thought to be an extremely rare and valuable baseball card found during a weekend drug bust.

Sgt. Dan Hoffman said just after 1 p.m. Sunday, Officer Anthony Maldonado was on patrol in the parking lot of the Best Western Inn on Camino Ramon when he saw a man acting strangely. Hoffman said Maldonado approached the man, identified as Rudolph Krutzner, 49, of Danville and made contact.

Suspecting that Krutzner was under the influence of drugs, he initiated a field sobriety test and determined that the Danville man was under the influence of a central nervous system stimulant. On arrest, Krutzner admitted to being in possession of narcotics, according to reports. A drug believed to be methamphetamine was found on his person. Also reported found were a pipe commonly used to smoke meth, and pills suspected to be codeine and valium.

Following the arrest, Maldonado searched the suspect's vehicle and turned up a black case containing what appeared to be an original Honus Wagner T206 baseball card. The card is considered to be one of the rarest baseball cards in existence and has been auctioned off for $2.8 million.

When asked, Krutzner was unable to provide specific information as to where the card came from or its ownership. Police have determined that the card is not worth millions after all. Hoffman said a Southern California company confirmed that it is not an original Wagner although it is an old card and may still be valuable. A notification went out to area agencies regarding any reported thefts of a baseball card but so far there have been no responses.

Krutzner faces several drug charges. He was taken to the Martinez Detention Center and is now free on bond.

--Geoff Gillette