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Perspective - July 31, 2009


Asked at Museum of the San Ramon Valley

What do you think about the Native American remains found at the high school construction site?

(question submitted by Sonya Hoseley)

It's an interesting find, but I'm surprised they found only one person. So, I don't consider it to be a ritual burial spot. Maybe some person just happened to die right there.

Robert Ommen

retired pharmaceutical sales

There have been many times over the years that Andrew Galvan has come here to identify remains. I am pleased that someone had the foresight to put a procedure in place to preserve the dignity and honor of these first inhabitants. Who knows what may have happened before this practice was begun.

Barbara Hubinger

40-year Danville resident

I think it's neat to know what this place was like and who was here. Wherever we've been we like to know historically what went before, what the people were like, and how they survived. This area was probably a great place to live long ago.

Tom Bankert

retired electrical engineer

It's always historically interesting to uncover tribal remains. But I have a hard time feeling concerned about the disposal of the remains once the archaeologists do their carbon dating.

Margaret Knopf

retired teacher

Does anyone know what was on that property before the school was constructed? It could have been someone who died naturally, by accident, or was murdered back in the 1800s. Although that's possible, chances are it was a Native American. Was it a shallow grave at one time and later got built up, or did they have their graves six feet under?

Steve Whittingham

retired construction millwright