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Sports - July 31, 2009

U14 Mustangs Blast their way to become U.S. champs

The U14 Mustang Blast Girls played to the top of the heap in Lancaster, Mass., on July 26, beating North Carolina, 1-0, in the championship game. For one year, team members forfeited their social lives in exchange for grueling practices, self imposed conditioning and continual tournaments. They persevered despite broken ankles, ripped thumbs and one full-on ACL reconstructive surgery to rise at Regionals, paving the way for Nationals.

Going in to the finals, the first half of the game was a dead lock. After a short period of rejuvenation, the second half saw Rachel Hamilton set up a solid corner kick, allowing Stephanie Amack to answer with a launch into the net, giving the Blast their opportunity to win. Snatching the championship became even sweeter when the Blast's goalie, Beth Ritter, was awarded the Golden Gloves for an awesome performance throughout the tournament.

Team members are Head Trainer Carl Edwards, Beth Ritter, Stephanie Amack, Reilly Parker, Alexa Vandevanter, Hannah Koski, Assistant Coach Rob Vandevanter, Alyssa Alarab, Lynsey Hromatko, Rachel Hamilton, Katie Greulich, Head Coach Doug Norvelle, Rachel Feldman, Kim Low, Shelby Cota, Morgan Idso, Angie Johnson and Katelyn Rader.