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Newsfront - July 31, 2009

Vets Hall plan gets OK from design board

Renovation plan moving on to Planning Commission

by Geoff Gillette

The ambitious $7 million plan to renovate and expand the Veterans Memorial Hall in downtown Danville took another step through the approval process last week as members of the Design Review Board examined the plan.

At a July 23 special meeting of the board, members spent nearly three hours going over the designs from architect ARG and discussing several different aspects of the exterior.

The plan under consideration was drafted by ARG in conjunction with a 10-member committee. Veteran and senior groups as well as representatives of the Town of Danville had input into the design.

Robert Storer, a member of the committee and the Design Review board, said he was pleased by what they saw of the plan.

"We looked at the exterior of the building on all four sides. We made a lot of comments and asked questions of ARG. There weren't any big changes we felt needed to be made," he stated.

One area that did raise some questions from the board was how the new addition will mesh with the existing front facade being kept. The expanded portion is being built with a different exterior texture and color. The question was asked whether the new should match with the old or instead strive for a contrast between the two.

Storer said it was actually somewhere in the middle.

"The Heritage Resource Committee guidelines deem a historical building has to look a little different but coordinate with the new. You will certainly know you have a veterans building built in 1925, but it will have to coordinate with the new facility built in 2010," he explained.

While the project has been passed on to the Planning Commission, it will ultimately return to the Design Review Board before construction begins to finalize many detail issues such as exterior colors, final landscaping and building textures.

Town Manager Joe Calabrigo said it is exactly that attention to detail that is the bailiwick of the Design Review Board.

"That's what this board does. They take the project apart piece by piece. They're not broad policy kinds of meetings, they cover everything in great detail," he said.

The Veterans Hall plan will next be considered at an Aug. 11 joint meeting of the Planning Commission and the Heritage Resource Commission.


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