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Newsfront - August 14, 2009

20-year-old man attacks house with vehicle

Vandalism, DUI arrest follow car crash in Danville neighborhood

by Geoff Gillette

An early morning car crash Friday landed a 20-year-old man in jail on charges of drunken driving and vandalism. Danville Police Sgt. Philip Wisotsky said that around 1:50 a.m. Friday they received calls from residents on Clydesdale Drive of a loud vehicle on the street. Reports said the vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed and crashing sounds were heard.

Police officers responding to the scene found that a vehicle had crashed through a fence at the front of a home, backed up and crashed into it again. Wisotsky said it appeared the driver had smashed into the fence three or four times.

A neighbor informed police that the vehicle in question had crashed further up the street, sheering off a fire hydrant and impacting a telephone pole. Witnesses said the driver exited the vehicle and fled to one of the nearby homes.

The driver, identified as Adam Carty, 20, of Oakley was found on the landing of a home near the crash site. Carty explained to police that he was staying with friends in the neighborhood. He admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana while out at a friend's home, according to police reports.

While driving back to the house where he was staying he passed by the home of a former friend with whom he'd had a falling out. Carty told police that he was very angry with his former friend and drove up and over the curb and purposely ran his car into the fence, knocking it down.

Carty stated that he then drove his car through the neighborhood at a high speed before losing control and crashing into the pole. He told police that he was trying to see how fast he could go on the road when he left the roadway, police said.

Paramedics from the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District examined Carty and determined he had not been injured in the accident.

Wisotsky said Carty was taken into custody and charged with felony vandalism, driving under the influence, DUI under age 21, and hit-and-run property damage.


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