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Newsfront - August 14, 2009

Blackhawk parcel issue may resurface

Country Club exploring options for vacant parcels

by Geoff Gillette

Some homeowners in Blackhawk are preparing for another fight over the possible sale of vacant lots owned by Blackhawk Country Club. In April 2009, the Country Club along with the Blackhawk Homeowners Association put forth a ballot issue to residents seeking an amendment to their rules that would allow the sale of the parcels on Birchwood Place and Live Oak, which are zoned for parks and recreation.

A heated debate broke out in the community over the issue with accusations flying in both directions. When votes were counted in May, the residents did not vote with a significant majority to amend the HOA's codes.

Now residents say they may have to do it all over again.

Resident Luther Johnson, one of the strongest voices opposing the rules amendment and the sale of the parcels, recently sent out an e-mail to supporters warning them that the Country Club is bringing the issue back.

"The Blackhawk Country Club has made clear their intention to lobby the Blackhawk HOA to have a repeat election on the proposal that was just defeated in May," he wrote.

Johnson stated that the tactic of bringing an issue back repeatedly is done to wear down the opposition in order to get the issue approved.

Another opponent, Bruce Corn said that he doesn't see why the HOA would bring the vote back considering the circumstances behind the previous attempt.

"Even though the vote was slanted in the country club's favor they still lost. And now they're bringing it back. Is that a mulligan? Where you get to do it again?" he queried. "The people have spoken and they turned a deaf ear on this proposal."

Blackhawk Country Club President Frank Elliot said the accusations being leveled against them are simply untrue.

"Once a month, we have a board meeting. We discussed a number of issues," he said. "One of the issues we talked about is whether we were going to go for this again."

Elliot said that in the previous campaign they asked the homeowners what they would have liked to see done differently.

"The outcome was really that there had been no change," he said.

Elliot confirmed that officials from the country club met with opponents on July 21 to sound them out regarding what about the ballot issue they were against.

"We did tell them at the meeting that at some point the board would like to sell this land. Because we can't use it," he explained.

Still, he maintains that at this point, everything is exploratory, with no solid plans to go back to the homeowners.

"The country club continues to be in limbo on this. We're taking suggestions under consideration, but at this time there's no plan to go back for another vote," he said. "We're a little disappointed that some of the homeowners are trying to blow this up and make other homeowners think it's something other than what it is."


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