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Perspective - August 14, 2009

Letters to the Editor

Lizards counteract Lyme

Dear Editor:

As pointed out in the article July 17, "So sick from a tick," black-legged ticks and Lyme disease are common in Contra Costa County. Western fence lizards, also known as "blue belly" lizards, have an amazing ability. A protein in their blood kills the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. After an infected tick feeds on a fence lizard, it no longer will transmit the disease if it bites a person.

At the Lindsay Wildlife Museum hospital, we've seen 21 western fence lizards brought to us in the past 18 months- many caught by cats or stuck on sticky traps. With this lizard's ability to help us stay healthy, it's important to keep cats indoors and eliminate the use of sticky traps to save these useful lizards.

Susan Heckly

Wildlife Rehabilitation Director, Lindsay Wildlife Museum

New Veterans Hall is amazing

Dear Editor:

I recently had the opportunity to review the latest set of Plans for the Veterans Memorial Building. They look superb! I was amazed at the detail and attention paid to the expansion of the building, for the veterans and for the community. The veterans will have huge amounts of space dedicated solely to them- from the basement, to the first floor to the second floor.

I am equally pleased to the attention paid to providing dedicated space and accommodations to the seniors. Their use of the building will also be enhanced by their exclusive areas, and meeting rooms dedicated to them.

It is clear that this building has served the community well, and it's also clear that it is nearing its limits of age. The updated plumbing, electricity, insulation and acoustics will be fantastic upgrades. The beautiful building will be enhanced in so many ways for everyone.

It also appears that the new main hall will also be divisible into spaces of three, allowing multiple meetings and gatherings. The four additional/new entrances on Prospect will be at street level for ease of entrance, especially for those who have difficulties with the stairs- veterans, seniors and residents alike.

It looks to me like the Town has done a stellar job of retaining the historic portions of the building and maximizing use of the footprint to design excellent plans, including developing beautiful landscaping all around. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who worked so diligently on this venture.

Linda Schardt

San Ramon


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