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Perspective - August 14, 2009


Asked at The Rose Garden in Danville

What is the first thing you do when you come home from vacation?

(Question submitted by Joan Kurtz)

Carole Frances

interior designer

I thank God I'm home safely. I love to travel, but it's so good to be home. I immediately unpack when I get home and do my laundry, so I'm ready for the work week.

John Harper


Vacation? What's vacation? I'm in real estate. If I ever got vacation, the first thing I would do, besides unpack the car, is go out to my garden and make sure everything is still living.

Craig Harper


In the summer, if my wife went on vacation with me, the first thing would be to open up the house, air it out, and she would go around and check all the plants and water for about an hour. I would unload the car then check my e-mail. If my wife didn't go on vacation with me, then it's quality time with her.

Alex Lowe

Freshman at San Ramon Valley High

I'm usually pretty tired when I get home from vacation, so I go take a nap. My parents do all the work, like unpacking, when we get home from vacation. This summer, though, when we got home from Utah, I wasn't too tired, so I went and got some pizza in Danville.

Christine Hardy


One of the first things I do is check my business e-mail. Sometimes I even go by the office on my way home. Then I unpack and do laundry while I feed the fish real fish food. When I realize there's no food in the refrigerator for me, I go grocery shopping.