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Newsfront - August 21, 2009

Demonstration targets Boxer at Rakestraw

Protesters march against Obama's health care reform plan

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

A couple hundred demonstrators gathered at the corner of Sycamore Valley Road and San Ramon Valley Boulevard in Danville late Friday afternoon to protest government spending and Obama's health care plan, then marched north to Rakestraw Books on Hartz Avenue where U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer was appearing to promote her new book.

These demonstrations have been taking place every Friday in the Danville area since January, said participants, at different main intersections including in Alamo and Blackhawk. They usually draw from 50 to 200, they said, although yesterday's was estimated at about 250.

"It started with the stimulus bill," said demonstrator Jane Boyer. "It's an offshoot of the Tea Parties."

Demonstrator Steve Russell said he saw the protesters recently and stopped to have his e-mail added to a contact sheet to be notified when the next one is taking place. Friday's organizer, who did not want her contact information to be reported, said she'd gathered four sheets of new e-mail contacts that day from people who wanted to join them.

An information sheet read: "We have been silently fuming for years over the expansion of our govt. We are angry about what our so called representatives are doing with our tax money … but the final straw that has sent us over the edge is Obama's Healthcare Plan. The fact that our govt., over our objections, is trying to ram a healthcare plan down our throats that they themselves will not take in insulting."

In front of Rakestraw, there were also supporters of Boxer, but they were outnumbered about three to one, according to

Some signs supporting Boxer read:

"60% of bankruptcies in the U.S. are Due to Medical Costs."

"14,000 Americans Lose Their Health Insurance Every Day: Shame on You if That's Acceptable"

Some against health care reform said:

"Read the Bill!"

"Let Me Be Clear: No Obama Care"

"I am an 'Authentic Grass Roots' Protester Against Government Health Care."


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