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Newsfront - August 21, 2009

Sheriff's deputies continue probe in Fuchs killing

Investigators, District Attorneys working together on murder

by Geoff Gillette

Investigators with the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department continue to work on making arrests in the January murder of Danville teenager Rylan Fuchs.

Capt. Daniel Terry, director of the department's Investigations Division, said that the case is continuing to move forward and they have followed several leads to what he says could mean further arrests.

"We've pretty clearly identified people we know who are involved in this thing," he explained. "However, the District Attorney is looking to just tighten things up."

Fuchs was shot to death in the front yard of the family home in Danville in mid-January. Within days, a 15-year-old juvenile was arrested in Oakland and remains incarcerated in the juvenile detention facility on an unrelated charge.

Officials said the death was drug-related, although no official word has been given as to the context of the altercation.

Terry said he wanted to assure the public that the investigation is still receiving the full attention of his division.

"We've never taken our irons out of the fire on that one," he stated. "It's not unusual for cases like this to drag on for a long time. That case is open and we will remain very proactive with it."

Deputy District Attorney Dan Cabral, who is handling the investigation for the D.A.'s office, said in June that they were getting closer to making arrests in the case. As of this week, Cabral said they are still working with the evidence and making sure the case is solid before moving forward with any arrests.


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