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Perspective - August 21, 2009


Asked at the Danville library

Are you looking forward to going back to school?

Kristin Michel

First-grader, Creekside Elementary School

Yes. I'm so excited. This is a new school, so I get to meet new friends. I'll be writing bigger words, and I like reading big books. Also, we can walk to school from our house, and I can see and hear the birds along the way.

Alex Fegler

Third-grader, Creekside Elementary School

Yes. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again, and I want to see if my old teacher from Golden View Elementary, who got a pink slip, was able to get a job at my new school. I'm also anxious to see if I got into the same class as my best friends. I hope another transferring teacher from Golden View is my new teacher.

Lauren Van Fossen

Senior, San Ramon Valley High School

Yes. It's my last year, and seniors get to go on a lot of trips, like Water World and Boomers. Also, I'll be graduating and going to New York with some of my senior friends. I'm not looking forward, though, to writing all those essays in applying for colleges.

Allie Barry

Seventh-grader, St. Isidore School

I really don't want summer to end because I've had so much fun. I took trips to San Diego, Santa Barbara and Lake Tahoe. But, I am looking forward to seeing all my friends at school. I'm excited about going into seventh grade, because I'll only have two more years before I graduate from St. Isidore and go to Carondelet High School.

Mark Rodriguez

Seventh-grader, Stone Valley Middle School

Not really, because I went to a special class called "resource." My first language is Spanish, and it was frustrating. Before this year I went to summer school every year, but this summer I was free from school and don't want it to end. My English has improved enough, though, to now take electives instead of "resource" when school starts.


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